The easiest way to get started with Sargon is to prototype your customer on-boarding experience.

We recommend that this is conducted in parallel with design and compliance processes for the financial product to speed up the fund launch and go-to-market process.

Step 1: Learn how to authenticate with the API

Get your API keys and use our Node.js client library to start building. Learn more on How to Authenticate to API.

Step 2: Explore our Prototyping playground

Go to the Developer -> Code Samples section of your account to learn more about the API functionalities that are relevant for use, including:

For more information about the above functionalities or advanced features such as insurance, please feel free to read through our full API reference or contact helpdesk@sargon.com.

Step 3: Read our Testing guidelines

Read our Testing Guidelines to ensure that your application works across the possible scenarios.

Step 4: Ensure that your application is secure and compliant

Read our Security Guidelines to ensure that your application is secure and compliant.

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